About us

Our Values

Our values shape everything we do. They are the oxygen that feeds us and the compass that guides us. It’s what makes the relationships with our stakeholders valuable and meaningful.

Innovation is our north star

The north star is also sometimes called the commander’s intent. Our commander is Sandiswa, and her intent is to keep us all focused on these things: Innovation, R&D, Manufacturing & Strategic Partnerships.

Every action for good

For every action there’s a reaction. Our actions are geared towards saving. In addition to saving you money, we’re saving the planet. With us, you’re in save hands.

True to our word

It’s all about trust. Take the ‘t’ away, and what do you get? Rust. Companies that ignore the ‘t’ just rust away. We ensure that we will never rust away because we let someone down. We do realise that there are uncontrollable events that happen on a daily basis where the universe seems to be ignoring our plans, but our word is our bond.

Openness to change

No one can know the future. It is possible to have an idea about the future, but you can’t know for certain. That means you have to embrace change. To do that, we have developed an entrepreneurial orientation. That’s actually a scientific word for three qualities: appetite for risk, constant innovation and proactiveness. That’s us – and one of the few things we don’t want to change.

What goes around

We are firm believers in the circular economy – what goes around should come around – again. Not only do we apply this philosophy to our raw material usage, but we also employ the human resources that are closest to us. This adds to the pride that goes around the community, as well as the many advantages that come with less of a commute. It’s all a healthy circle that goes around every day.

The woman behind it all

Sandiswa Qayi

“I can heat 50 litres in 30 minutes. And for my next trick … stay tuned”.

The planet is getting hotter – and not in a good way. At AET Africa, we are committed to a sustainable world with intelligent innovation of energy management. We are literally taking the heat off the planet – and your wallet.