A  dream for any grocery retailer & commercial user to save 25% of electricity, 20% efficiency of refrieration, renders geyser off the grid.The heat raider is an innovation that captures wasted heat from a cold storage, feeding the heat into a geyser. 

The desuperheater uses waste heat generated from existing cooling systems – including refrigeration & air conditioning – to heat hot water for use in commercial & retail outlets

Targets commercial users who want to cut costs, reuse & conserve energy while improving efficiency of their cooling systems

Enables customer to save 25% of electricity costs, 20% efficiency of refrigeration, renders geyser off the grid therefore improves access to free hot water at above 55 degrees Celsius

1500 large retailers & 150 small franchises targeted with refrigeration & need to use hot water.


The product has been tested independently and ELIDZ STP and several prototypes installed at Pick n Pay and Spar in Stutterheim, Tyndal abbatoir and ELIDZ STP.