Hotspot is a product that can be retrofitted on any conventional geyser ensuring 27% enegery saving, guaranteeing faster hot water.


How to Install the Hotspot



I must admit it is a pleasure to use the device, the geyser are switched on when
the client arrive only, and not left switched on for the entire month as previously for “just in case”

Musa Phakathi

I’m very much happy! We save electricity for 5 days. Thank you very much

FAQ’S (Frequently Ask Questions)
How does the hotspot work ?
The hotspot is retrofitted to the geyser element, helping you get hot water faster than usual, with the hotspot in your geyser you can get 50 litres of water, at 50 degrees Celsius in 30 minutes.
Where can one purchase the hotspot ?
Visit the online store and purchase the hotspot, alternatively you can contact the office on 043 721 3296.
How long does the product last for ?
The product has a one year warranty.
How does the product get to the geyser ?
Once you have purchased the hotspot, get a qualified plumber or electrician to retrofit the hotspot to the geyser element as per the installation manual enclosed in the box.