Congratulations on your purchase of the Hotspot. Not only will you save money, but you will save the planet too.


Although a simple retrofitting procedure, this should only be done by experienced persons or a qualified plumber or electrician. Although every effort is maintained to ensure the quality of our products, AET Africa accepts no liability whatsoever for the safety, reliability, durability and performance of any of its products in its installation and use.


When you want hot water – faster and cheaper, the Hotspot’s unique thermosiphon system saves you up to 27% in energy costs – that’s over a quarter of your bill! It does that via the thermosiphon effect, providing the following superior result (in degrees Celsius):

Please note for a detailed video on fitting the Hotspot, please visit the AET Africa web page or Google ‘How to fit the hotspot’ on Youtube.

  • The Hotspot is retrofitted to your existing geyser.
    It is shaped like the finger of a glove and fits neatly over the element.
  • The accelerated heating result is due to the thermosiphon effect where hot water is channelled to the outlet for the first-heated-first-used principle, allowing for shorter geyser heating times.
  • The product has a one-year warranty, but has an average lifespan of two years.
  • If the element is changed, the Hotspot must be replaced.
  • Volumes and savings are based on switching on and off scenarios and for demonstration purposes only, therefore will vary according to consumption patterns. Set geyser temperature should range from 55 Degrees – 60 Degrees Celsius. Geyser can be operated manually or by using a timer.
  • Consumer should ensure that the geyser installation complies with industry standard SANS 10254 before installing the Hotspot.
  • The product is made out of food safe plastic material and is tested against chemical leaching and dry burn.
  • Inexpensive outlay 
  • Very quick return on investment – pays from day one
  • Your geyser setup remains – it’s retrofitted and invisible
  • National distributor network
  • Commercial solutions also available with the HeatRaider
  • Developed by AET Africa – the innovators in energy efficiency


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