Strategic Partners

We are more than a company. We are a movement. That’s why we attract the coolest people on earth. Movers, shakers and planet changers.


They put the fun in funding. From TIA, we received serious support in the form of seed funding from a long-term relationship that started as far back as 2015.

In 2016, we were fortunate to be part of the Global Accelerator Programme funded by UNIDO.

AET won the ‘Most Promising Youth Led Organisation’ on the TIA Global Cleantech Innovation Programme. And then we went places with TIA. After pitching to a panel at the Swiss Embassy in 2018, we were selected to take part in a start-up challenge and innovation programme in Switzerland. In addition to TIA, partners also included Venturelead SA and University of Basel. AET, with its credentials in innovation and manufacturing with environmental credentials, TIA and UNIDA invited us to attend the 2022 COP27 in Egypt. Oh, the places you’ll go!

Adelphi SEED

AET was the 2019 finalist for carbon management category. Currently we are part of the SEED catalyzer and replicate program, helping enterprises to embrace clean technology. With our penchant for international collaboration, we were selected as a 2021 case study.

Green Tag International

If there is one label that every manufacturer should wear, it’s the Green Tag. This is a product certification body for our environmentally friendly products.


They fund the German Management Program hosted by RWTH Aachen University. This also allows us to collaborate with German companies. So, we could say DTI and GIZ are friends with loads of benefits.


Although not a partner in the strictest sense, they certainly are in the serious sense when it comes to training us in international leadership development in Boston.
Should auld acquaintance be forgot? Never.

Our local strategic partners and funders include CSIR, Department of Science and technology, DTIC, IDC, The Innovation Hub, ECDC, Eastern Cape Development Corporation, SEDA and ELIDZ STP.