Woven and Non-Woven textile products

We manufacture bags made out of non-woven recycled plastics (Polypropelene) The material we use ranges from non-woven and woven fabric made from 100% pure polypropylene. We melt Polypropylene pellets and process them into (non) woven fabric, which we turn into Kids bags, Recycled Shopping Bags and Smart Pot Bags.

  • Our Kids Bags are for the little environmentalists in our families and come with colourful and relevant designs that your kids will love.


  • Our Recycled Shopping Bags are sturdy and come with attractive designs that will ensure that you do not forget them when you go to the shops.


  • We also make Smart Pot bags for your gardening, landscaping and agricultural needs.

Protective Face Masks and Shields 

We manufacture customized cloth masks to suit your desired colours and branding.  We also manufacture face shields are made with PET (polyethylene terephthalate) and are 250 microns thin, easy to breathe and clean can also be branded using an extra sponge cushion.



About Clean Technology

“We at AET AFRICA are in the process of revamping our factory in order to produce the most advanced filter bags in S.A., we will let you know once our new filter bag production line is done.”